XIII Death

I wish to pose a question, traveller... Why do we pretend that Death in these cards do not mean Death in its literal sense when that is exactly what it means? Could it be that we fear the physical aspect of Death thus; we tip toe around the truth hoping to soften the edge off it?

Death comes to us all; it does not discriminate nor does it negotiate terms. Death on the physical aspect is but a facet of an ageless concept. It is a companion walking alongside us waiting to take us to another place; Death is not personal but grief, loss, sorrow, helplessness... these are personally felt when Death claims one of our own.

Yet in every moment of our lives; we are well acquainted with Death. In both the mundane and significant, there has to be a beginning and an end that leads to another cycle of creation and birth. It is in that ending that Death awaits; for without it there is no transition. All things that perish will one day meet Death; all things that end will meet new beginnings. It is but a bend in the road; not the end of the road.