III Empress

The secret of life is written in scripts that cannot be read by the untrained eye. A pair of keys contain intertwined spirals bound by steps lead to the creation of hybrids. One key is held by the female half, the other by her counterpart the male and together they can bring forth life.

The female is the Empress with many masks. She is the child who becomes the mother; the wife who is also the mistress of manipulation. She is the assasin of dreams; the avenging angel; the lady harlot; the one who brings comfort and then takes it away. And if mother is the name of God in the hearts and lips of all children, then she who is a mother holds the power of the future in her hands.


The secret to the power of the Empress lies in the hidden influence of the feminine aspect of life. The seed that is buried in the earth exists even if it cannot be seen. Life is conceived on many levels... both visible and invisible; tangible and intangible.

The feminine half holds one key; the masculine half holds the other. Together, creation is made possible. She provides sustainance; yet not all may escape unscathed by the demands of the Empress. The bearer of life also commands the twin serpants of death and decay that can just as easily smother the seed, stunting its growth.