II Priestess

Appearances can be deceiving and the Magician who seem to have turned his back to the Universe is in fact turning inwards to seek what ties him to the greater scheme of things. Deep in the inner sanctum where the soul rests dormant, the masculine becomes the feminine.

The Priestess may have read the oracles written in the stars but understanding becomes elusive when knowledge is merely parroted and not internalized. The voice that once spoke with the gods of old turn silent when it is drowned by endless chatter.


The act of listening to the self is the art of tuning in to the Universe. Chattering voices drown out whispered conversations between angels; endless demands of reality leaves the mind trailing after incoherent gibberish.

The Priestess goes in search of answers. In the presence of the gods, she gathers divine inspiration though she cannot decipher the oracles. There is need for silence; there is need to still the body so the mind may focus. There is need to watch and learn. Do not speak; do not act. Listen...