I Magician

Amongst the beasts, there are those who seek hidden knowledge. They are Magicians who send petition after petition answered by silence; for the voice that once whispered in their hearts became quiet when they turned their backs to the Universe.

Trapped in the form of the beast, haunted by recollections of divinity; they manifest their legacy by attaining mastery over the blade, the flame, the coin and the cup.

But those who were adament, they write their will in blood so that if they died and turned to dust, their life-force still carry the markings of the soul's journey. And when they return housed in a new shell; their longing will echo within the chambers of their beating heart.


The Magician is adament in mastering the tools laid out before him. The halfing child summons the power of life from his very veins. He has both the taint of the beast in his blood and divine knowledge hidden deep in his soul. If he plays servant to the beast; the voice within him that speaks to the Gods will turn silent.

Actions create matter from nothingness but it is divine inspiration that opens up doors to the unknown. The Magician can create greatness out of emptiness if he learns how to use his tools wisely.