0 Jester

The start of a journey that has no endings, only new twists to an endless maze of twilight illusions. On butterfly wings, The Fool travels the winding road ahead uncertain of what it offers.

Shadows creep up on the unweary in a land called Jahanam; dark mists crawl upon its sleeping enemy with kisses of death and doom. The Fool knows not of dangers or of evil; keeping faith that light and warmth awaits just ahead.


The Jester starts a new adventure; unaware of the long and arduous journey ahead. Naive and filled with dreams of grandeur, she sets out toward the castle in the clouds... away from the freedom of the open land.

There are many lessons the Jester needs to learn, foremost is that on this journey, her feline companion will only accompany her as far as the next meal. There is no loyalty beyond what she can give and when she reaches the castle... if she reaches the castle, where would her own loyalties lie for castles are but playgounds to Jesters with a wandering heart.

Fools travel where they will, with no chains to bind them or walls to hold them in.

Reaching out to the butterfly that is beyond her reach, the Jester does not see that her own wings will be clipped by the rules and conditions imposed within the very structure she is headed for.