IX Hermit

In denial over past failures; the seeker travels on to the hightest peak in Jahanam where it is said that the mirror that flatters not hangs upon the crumbling tower.

There the seeker will learn more about the "self"; there too demons wait to show us facets we choose not to see, for in others the face seems ugly but never in our wildest dreams would we think those faces belong to us.

So in vain, the seeker negotiates with her "self" to change those faces because in denial; we are "not" the ones we despise.


The proverbial quest for the Holy Grail; like the search for Atman; is one taken in solitary confinement. Not necessary isolated from the material world, it is a journey of discovering oneself and often, it is easier to pretend we stand apart from that which we despise. Turning our backs; disavowing our own contribution is akin to our reflection in the mirror... not the person per se but of the person.

How does one run away from one's own reflection? In our mind, we are what we believe ourselves to be; is the reflection the reality, or the person casting the image upon polished glass?

If meta-knowledge is the art of analyzing what we think; how we think... who will the Hermit find when faced with the Self that is stripped of all glorified masks fit for soceity?