VIII Strength

Strength chains herself to the Dragon King; thinking to tame him with her knowledge. Little does she know that he is the keeper of secrets; seeking asylum from the chaotic world from which she comes.

So Strength deludes herself into thinking that she is righteous; with lofty ideals to keep the uncivilized beast in chains so that it may not harm others, she knows not that to the beast; she is the uncivilized life-form.


Strength is not necessarily a virtue; it is the ammunition bullies use to submit the weak; it is the weakness exploited by the dishonorable against the nobel-heart and strength is only as strong as its weaknest link.

The beast is only as low as the human form that perceives it as such; the human is only as exalted as it perceives itself to be. Yet to think for a moment that the beast may be subdued by love and love alone is a fallacy that blinds the human to all that the beast is capable of; and it blinds the human to the truth that love need no shackles made of flowers or metal.

It is when there is a need for submission that the perversion of what "love" is becomes apparent for then, love becomes conditional; it becomes an attachment that misguides one into thinking that the other needs to be cowed to be saved. Would that apply to free will that is granted to the human tribe as well; as the human robs the beast of its freedom for its own good, should free will be revoked for the good of all humankind?

Thus the human who thinks that the beast requires taming; no matter how gentle the touch; is the human who is the beast that begs to be tamed.