VII Charioteer

Breaking free of age-old tradition, the Charioteer seeks automony from the will of the elders. In trying to carve a way before him, he will find that that his two-headed serpent-chariot refuses to obey the commands of youthful pride or aging ignorance; nor will they bow to the Charioteer who knows not how to rein them in. This ride will be treacherous for the unweary fool.

But it is necessary to brave the unknown for the Charioteer is untried and must make a name for himself. How does one control the sun or the moon? How does one hold nonexistent reins to keep two opposing forces from destroying each other? The loss of control will be a painful lesson to learn but in falling; we learn to pick ourselves up.

In this battle; the winner may need more than false bravado. The Charioteer must fall before he gains mastery over the two-headed snake.

It is a lesson we all learn; choices in life and how they eventually bring about what we have worked for. And we will be tested along the way, sometimes when we least expect it.

It is a stage of learning about self-regulation and the Charioteer will learn that before one can bring about equilibrium in one's external reality; one has to first be able to bring inner turmoil under control.

It is a time for theories to be tested; for battles to be fought between opposing elements; it is a time for the young upstart to prove his worthiness and his choices will be the deciding factor that makes the difference between triumph and defeat.

If he can hold his own, the Charioteer moves up the ladder to the next level and meets the twin Duality. If he cannot, he will return another day to pit his wits and skills against his own worst enemy, himself. Choices lead to where we find ourselves, not conditions that provide the opportunity to further our growth.