VI Lovers

The Lovers are independent because the journey lies not in being together; it is in fulfilling the role of complementing the other. Yet the ones who showed us what to become were once fools like ourselves.

Can the sun and the moon ever meet on equal ground? "Aye," said the Magician, "Nay," said the Priestes. "Surely if there is fairness, then it must be so," said the Empress but the Bull-Headed Emperor's earnest objection rang with the slamming of his fist. The Lovers turned to the Soothsayer for one so wise must surely have the answer.

In stillness he contemplated but found no answer for the skulls around him have long turned silent. No blessings for the Lovers in this world; no archangel to watch over true love found. Instead they face the harsh reality that Lovers are not made in heaven nor are soul-mates entwined in happiness; they come together without imposing conditions; like the sun and the moon in eclipse, each merely following its own path.


When the time comes for the paths to cross, the sun will meet the moon though that concept in itself is a trick our eyes play upon us for it is not so. The sun does not meet the moon; an eclipse is merely the crossing of two entities across the vast sky. From the distance, it appears that they touch; they embrace and all too soon, comes the parting till the next time they meet once again.

We all have our journeys to make and it would seem like we are destined at times to meet the ones who will play the sun to our moon and vice versa; that is but an illusion of the fanciful mind. In truth, we all traverse the universe on our journey; crossing paths again and again as we move towards our destination. Parting is but the sorrow that makes the meeting of souls all the more sweet, for tears of loss, pain, hurt are precious jewels we never had when we travelled without a shell.

So we touch; we embrace and feel the softness of the butterfly kiss thinking, hoping that it will be last forever and ever; but forever ends when the shell can house the soul no longer.

Is it the need to be whole what drives us to seek someone out to fill the void within; is it natural selection that drives us endlessly to seek a mate; is it merely a meeting of souls bound in a journey that never ends?

The Jester looks up at the vast and endless sky to see the Sun God reach out to the Lady Moon thinking it is a match made in heaven. But it is not the eclipse itself that pleases them, it is in knowing the other exist when they are not together. Thus, their inevitable parting is not one of sweet sorrow because love without conditions stake no claims on ownership.