V Soothsayer

To hear what is being said, one has to read between the lines. The spoken word is riddled with intentions to mislead; thus the child is taught how to tell the first lie.

Listen to the soothsayer if you wish to learn from him; for he may be a charlatan filled with dreams of grandeur or a prophet tortured by visions of truth. Upon his tongue lies the venom of a serpant that fills the heart with hope and upon his hand, the ways of the righteous. Watch the soothsayer's actions if you wish to learn his true nature. For it is the act that carries out the intentions of the heart.

Riding upon the shoulders of giants from long ago; the soothsayer is both a blessing and a bane.


Truth is Oneness with many facets; spoken through countless voices in all languages. At the bottom of the pit, under the cover of darkness are voices long silenced by teachings of propriety.

Knowledge is a tricky thing, even trickier is the keeper of knowledge. The ones who were sent to guide may also deceive; look at the actions for it speaks of one's intention while words may not.

The soothsayer is not a saint; he is just a man prone to err as humans do. Would we follow a man blindly because he claims himself superior or test his truth and find the answer for ourself?

Before you answer, friend, think on it awhile. The soothsayer claims to be the mouthpiece of the gods; and it appears like we fear incurring the wrath of the soothsayer more than we fear the gods.