XIX The Sun

The sun rarely shows itself here and it makes the going tough for the people at Jahanam but we learn to deal with it, don't we? Once in a while though, the sun breaks through the dark clouds and we appreciate the grace showered upon us more than ever because it is precious, it is priceless.

When that happens, we see the world around us through new eyes and we see that things are not always what we thought they were; perhaps that is what gives us hope.

Perhaps what we really want is to know for certain; that there are greater things beyond our comprehension; things we may not always see while we live in the dark but we cling on to faith... that everything will be alright if we just hang on a little longer. Darkness does make the light all the more beautiful and if you have walked this road before, you know this already.

Light gives clarity; from darkness we seek out the light and if it burns; if it turns us to dust under the harshness of its glare, that is the ultimate liberation for enlightenment frees the soul from its earthly bondage.