XVIII The Moon

Here is the map to Jahanam, I'll show you how to get there. Look for the moonlight when it gets too dark to see.

First find the dark waters of your soul and sink to the depths below. Look for the Naga Fish for they are the guides that will take you to the place of eternal twilight.

You see, Naga Fishes swim to the surface when they are close to death but in Jahanam, death is just an interval between heartbeats. They will take you there but you may not return from whence you first came.

That route closes when you emerge from the lake. You will be shown the exit when the time comes for you to leave.

The past, the present and the future exist as one in Jahanam; so be not afraid to visit ghosts from long ago. Be afraid instead to face the coming of false prophets.

You will arrive as you are and your masks from the land of sunshine will be washed away by the lake. There is no need for masquerades in Jahanam.

You may hear both angels and demons bicker endlessly; you may see them change forms in a whim when it suits their fancy. This because they flaunt their freedom with impunity and it is how they become the pied piper that lures us to the river.

And if you think to speak of them when you return to the illusion of reality... well, they know your words will be mocked as the ravings of a lunatic. They will enjoy watching you try to convince the blind of what you have seen. This amuses them no end.

Jahanam is where dreams are woven; this is where cats learn to fly and birds carry swords; this is where the Lady Moonshine hides the face of the Sun God so that we may see the truths hidden in the dark and drive ourselves insane.