XVII The Star

And when it all comes crashing down; it is time to seek solitude and heal ourselves from old wounds.

On the final day of the full moon, the lady snake emerges from the lake to shed. Have you ever seen a snake shed it's skin? In front of her, flames flicker and dance over the dark water before forming the 6 pointed star. When I spoke about her to the Soothsayer, he claimed her the Lady Babylon but I think not...

I think she is the serpent rising from the depths of the lake to watch the moon meet the sun. I think she rose from her sleep to remove laden weight; and as the flames burn out, she will disappear beneath the black sappire lake once more, not to be seen till the next full moon.

"Tell me, what does the lady snake do beneath the waves until she comes up again?", I asked the travelling Fool.

"She lies asleep in a trance, watching the Beetle King dance...", came the reply, her merry laughter ringing like bells in the wind.